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Partner with Blossom

If you design websites for others, Blossom can help you create high-quality sites that boost your earnings.

Blossom's hosted search services are easily integrated into the design of websites. They provide great results with no software to install or maintain. Websites of any size and complexity, including private sites behind authentication and e-commerce sites, can benefit from great searching.

Blossom's hosted auditing service can help you and your clients keep their website healthy. It pinpoints dead links, both on and off the site.

Web Designers: Increase Your Revenue

With very little work on your part, you can generate additional revenue from your customers while improving the quality and performance of their sites. Blossom offers two revenue-sharing plans:
  • Referral Fee. For referring customers to Blossom, the partner will receive a referral fee equal to 50% of the projected revenues to be generated by the customer during the first twelve months. The referral fee will be paid within 30 days after Blossom receives the first payment by the customer. Under this plan, Blossom will bill the customer directly.

  • Reseller Discount. Resellers of Blossom services will receive a 25% discount off Blossom's published retail prices. Blossom will bill the reseller monthly for services rendered to the reseller's customers. For this plan, an executed reseller agreement is required.
Please contact Blossom Sales for details.

Featured Partner: Municipal Web Services
We are proud to have Municipal Web Services as a partner. They specialize in developing customized websites for local governments that are both rich in functionality and beautiful in appearance. They have helped dozens of communities create virtual town halls on the Internet with multimedia and e-commerce applications, and integrated e-government services. Almost all of their clients use Blossom's search technology to provide effective information retrieval. You can sample their work at these sites: